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For most of his life, Chaucer served in the Hundred Years War between England and France, both as a soldier and, since he was fluent in French and Italian and conversant in Latin and other tongues, as a diplomat.

Geoffrey Chaucer (c.1343-1400)

He describes the people so clearly that many of them have become famous characters in English Literatureand have often been shown in paintings. By the time of his retirement, Chaucer had already written a substantial amount of narrative poetry, including the celebrated romance Troilus and Criseyde.

These tales generally concern lower class characters; the standard form has an older husband whose younger wife has an affair with a man of flexible social status. In The Canterbury Tales, 29 pilgrims from various walks of life are on a pilgrimage to Canterbury.

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He served as a justice of the peace for Kent, living in debt, and was then appointed Clerk of the Works at various holdings of the king, including Westminster and the Tower of London. Chaucer does not say much about the big story and most of the writing is about the stories told by the pilgrims.

The suggestions below are roughly divided into three parts: They were simple and allowed monks to exercise their minds and live stress-free lives.

During her story, she conveys her feelings towards who should rule a house. Chaucer also felt it was important to describe his sleeves as being fur-lined.

More than 30 scholars, ranging from newly-emerging to late-career, shared their expertise, contributing chapters and other content to the project. There are quite a lot of differences in the different copies.

Hand copying books probably took a long time and they had a lot of other work to do, like studying and praying.

The Merchant

Though Chaucer did not intend for a historian to believe that this was common; he did want to show that there were women who had affairs as well as men. Chaucer exploits this division between the female saint and the whore throughout The Canterbury Tales, with few tales whose plots do not center at least marginally around this distinction.

For particularly difficult words or phrases, most editions also include notes in the margin giving the modern versions of the words, along with a full glossary in the back. Canterbury tales background Norton Anthology points out that there were many anti-feminist writings that the medieval church fostered.

They all tell different types of stories and they tell them in different ways. The Canterbury Tales is set up so that each pilgrim tells a story on the way to Canterbury. Monks in the Middle Ages had to follow the rules and be divided. Essay Chapters are intentionally created as non-modular and non-continuous.

Canterbury is in the south-east of England. When pilgrims gathered in a group, the group could be made up of many different kinds of people, both rich and poor, noble and humble. The Canterbury Tales tells of the meeting of a group at an inn in Southwarkwhich was a village south of the Thames River and now making up part of London.

Be sure you understand what the assignment is asking you to do. In the next tale, the Summoner uses the Friars tale to completely demoralize and demonize the Friar. In this way, the two primary parts of the OACCT are designed to work together suggestively rather than comprehensively.

During that tenure he was robbed several times and once beaten, sufficient reason for seeking a change of jobs. In a survey course where you read a selection of tales, the chapters can introduce themes your class can examine across a range of texts, including other medieval and even more contemporary texts like Hsy on ability and disability, Kline on children and violence, Lipton on love and marriage, or Steel on animals.

In their seemingly advanced holy attacks within the clerical estates, both use the religious information they hold to demoralize and demonize the other.

Background on the Canterbury Tales

Suggestions for Teachers especially those teaching undergraduate courses Consider the relationship of the OACCT chapters to your instructional goals, student outcomes, assignment design, and pedagogical approaches.

The Summoner sits back waiting for the Friar to make a fool of himself, and responds that he will simply repay him for whatever is said.― Gerald J. Davis, The Canterbury Tales: The New Translation. 4 likes. Like “Her statue, glorious in majesty, Stood naked, floating on a vasty sea, And from the navel down there were a mass Of green and glittering waves as bright as glass.


In her right hand a cithern carried she. The Merchant's Tale Edit Background Edit. Geoffrey Chaucer The Canterbury Tales is where people meet at a tavern and a challenge was introduced where the person who told the best story won and they got a free dinner.

One of those people was the Merchant a Merchant in Medieval times was a Upper Commoner he was important to people in the middle ages because he was their main source of goods. mwchaucer and the canterbury tales background notes powerpoint - Free download as Powerpoint Presentation .ppt), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online.

Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site. The Canterbury Tales is a book of stories written by Geoffrey Chaucer in the 14th century. Background Canterbury Cathedral. The murder of Thomas Becket. The Canterbury Tales is about a group of people who are pilgrims.

They are travelling to an important sacred site. The Geoffrey Chaucer Website Homepage Texts and translations of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales and related texts from the time period, criticism, background information. New Chaucer Society Don't miss the extensive collection of links to information about Chaucer and medieval England.

Geoffrey Chaucer was born between andprobably in London. His father was a prosperous wine merchant. We do not know any details of his early life and education. Inhe was a page.

Canterbury tales background
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