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During the pre-school year therefore boys are allowed to express more aggression than girls in play and fantasy. Aggression also means the desire to do harm which must be inferred from events that proceed to follow acts of aggression.


However the modern studies show that a model of animal aggression that is based on biological inherant tendencies or physiological arousal is inadequate to account for animal behaviour, not to speak of human behaviour. The parents of poor families also face tremendous difficulties for making a good living.

These finding lead one to conclude that the authoritarian family structure in the lower class is likely to teach their children to use the same authoritarian methods in life and the consequence is reacting to every situation with violence and aggression. Take the recent case of death sentence to Dhananjaya Chatterjee who raped and brutally murdered a 14 year old school girl.

Ever wondered why children yell and scream when they want something badly? War among nations, conflicts among groups of people is examples of intergroup aggression. Superior powers of the world even with their most advanced military system, improved arms and ammunitions and richness have not been able to fight with terrorists successfully.

Environmental Sources of Aggression: Determinants of aggression are also called causes or sources of aggression. Thus, the basic source of aggression is the insecurity and biological helplessness during the childhood. On enquiry it was noticed that the aggressive boy was hostile towards his father who insisted and compelled his son to always study and do well in the examination.

Freud and Konrad Lorenz said that people behaved aggressively because it is human nature to be hostile and aggressive towards people who we dislike.

Aggression is an action. This proved that the lower class tends to be more authoritarian in their outlook towards life. Environmental stresses thus make people aggressive. For the purposes of this paper aggression will be related to the four conditions presented by Gerda Siann.


Thousand and thousand cases of aggression take place because of direct provocation. All in all, aggression cannot and should not be explained by just one of these theories in particular. Adolescents tend to imitate what they learn on screen.

We say, we have high traditions, glorious culture and heritage. When the peers serve as models their aggressive acts are imitated. He says the lower class individual has little or no confidence in himself and sees little point in making effort to make himself ready for better job and future success.

Last month I went to a shop to buy some dress and the shopkeeper instantly became hostile when I said that the dresses are not up to my choice. Victims would dwell on their lasting traumas from the incident while the perpetrator might make the act seem like a one-time action provoked by insurmountable circumstances.

Aggression is a critical part of animal existence, which is an inherent driving force to humans, as we, too, are animals. The technique of placing the research participants in a situation where they were told that they can harm another person in some manner although actually they cannot was first developed by Arnold Buss.

Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 85, In the similar may aggression is displaced when a frustrated person attacks the innocent by standers or on lookers not cemented in any way with the causation of frustration.

All major three approaches relating to the biological model have argued that aggression is an inherent part of human nature programmed at birth to manifest in a particular way. Direct provocation from another person is another social factor that often plays a role in aggression.

This seemed like a strange connection between the type of job and a similarity in childhood activities, because significantly less than a third of school populations engage in fights on a regular basis. Economic insecurity stands on the way of their all-round development.

The first category of aggression which includes physical torture, attack, violence, destruction of property and dignity affect peace and prosperity of the society and its members. Persons belonging to lower classes are more prone to authoritarian attitudes than those coming from higher classes.

Conversely, students coming from the democratic family background liked those instructors who helped them in explaining the task, pointed out their mistakes and rewarded their correct responses while learning.

Aggression in Human Beings

Miller and Bollard applied their general principle of their frustration aggression hypotheses to the blacks of U. Please feel free to support us by considering a donation.Free essay on Aggression in Human Beings available totally free at, the largest free essay community.

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Essay on Aggression

After reading this essay you will learn about: 1. Essay # 4. Types of Aggression: Aggressive behaviour may manifest itself in different forms or types. Rosenzweig () has put forward a substantial classification of different types of aggressive reactions to frustration.

Psychology Essay on Aggression Words | 8 Pages. Aggression is a complex phenomenon influenced by genetic and psychosocial factors. The topics of aggression have been argued by many psychologists with different perspectives. Essay Instructions: Aggression and Violence Aggression is,?an act or behavior that intentionally hurts another person, either physically or psychologically?

(Matsumoto & Juang,p. ). While some expressions of aggression are universal, cross-cultural differences exist in the type and level of aggression that are considered to be legally or socially sanctioned.

Aggression and Prejudice Type of paper: Discussion Board Discipline: Psychology and Education Format or citation style: APA After reading the articles on aggression and prejudice, answer the following questions: What are some of the key predictors of prejudice?

What are some of the key predictors of aggression? What are the similarities between prejudice and aggression?

My essay on aggression
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